I'm best known for my risk communication book, which was originally published in 1994. Communications specialist Andrea McMakin joined me for the second and subsequent editions, beginning in 1998. The book is now in its sixth edition from John Wiley and Sons through the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Over the years, I've also had published journal articles, technical reports, newsletters, and other materials and made presentations at a number of professional conferences. Some selections are featured below. Other books to which I've contributed include the following:

  • + Bley, D. C., J. G. Droppo, V. A. Eremenko, and R. E. Lundgren. 2003. Risk Methodologies for Technological Legacies. Kluwer Academic Publishers, NATO Science Series Vol. 18, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.
  • + Quadrel, M. J., and R. E. Lundgren. 2000. "Managing an Effective Vadose Zone Program," Chapter 2 of Vadose Zone Science and Technology Solutions, ed. Brian B. Looney and Ronald W. Falta, Battelle Press, Columbus, Ohio.
  • + Gephart, R. E., and R. E. Lundgren. 1999. Hanford Tank Cleanup: A Guide to Understanding the Technical Issues. Battelle Press, Columbus, Ohio.